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Electronic crimpers provide secure, reproducible crimps with the push of a button.
Electronic decappers provide quick and easy removal of aluminum seals with the push of a button.
Ergonomic design and push button operation eliminates wrist strain.
Controls and indicator lights are visible and accessible for left or right handed operation.
Built in long life lithium ion rechargeable battery with low battery indicator.
Universal 100V–240V charger includes plug adaptors for most power outlets.
Crimpers and decappers can be operated while plugged in and recharging.
Vials can be crimped or decapped while they remain in most standard removable sample trays.
Adjustable crimp settings for compatibility with most vial/septum/seal combinations including aluminum, steel and bi-metal seals.
Crimp force sensing a.utomatically determines when a proper seal has been formed and opens the jaws to release the vial.
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ECR-11C Electronic Hand-held Crimper for 11mm Crimp Caps,Gen 3 Pre-order RM 4,950.00 Buy Now
EDCB-11C Electronic Hand-held Decrimper for 11mm Crimp Caps,Gen 3 Pre-order RM 4,950.00 Buy Now