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Benchtop Centrifuge, from 5ml slim blood collection tubes to 750ml bottles, or micro-plates. Ideal for Multipurpose centrifuge.
The new structure allows mixed loading to use 2 round and 2 plate buckets.

2 type of swinging bucket rotors and 1 angle rotor are available.

- Benchtop Centrifuge Blood Tube Package S700T come with RS1449M swing rotor, 3,500 rpm RS-1440M (bucket attached), 3,500 rpm, Tube rack 055-1420 (96 x 5-10 ml Blood collecting tube)
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S700T Blood Tube Package Benchtop Centrifuge S700T come with 3,500 rpm RS-1440M (bucket attached), Tube rack 055-1420 (96 x 5-10 mL Blood collecting tube) Pre-order RM 29,062.50 Buy Now