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The combination of an auger and an ice-breaker generates grains with irregular shape. The simplicity of the production process allows low operating costs.
- Tropical class +43°C.
- AISI 304 SS Scotch Brite finish.
- 1L (water) - 1kg (ice) - only Air cooled.
- Removable and cleanable air filter.
- Easy cleanable internal rounded surfaces.
- HCFC-Free insulated storage.
- RoHS Free.
- ON-OFF rocker switch.
Model Description Stock Price Quantity
GB903A Self-Contained Granular Ice Flaker, Production 95kg/24hr, Storage 30kg Pre-order RM 15,860.00 Buy Now
GB601A Self-Contained Granular Ice Flaker, Production 60kg/24hr, Storage 10kg Pre-order RM 14,500.00 Buy Now